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I have been referred to as many things over the years: an Architect, a draftsman, an engineer, the draw-er, to name a few. While I am some of those in part, I must clarify upfront with any client that I am not an Architect. Although I do offer practical design consultation, there is a lot more that an Architect will offer to their client that I do not and some times can not offer to mine. What I am is a Building Designer. So, what does that mean?

A Building Designer is first a professional familiar with all aspects of the building trade. Secondly, a Building Designer is one whose plans and designs represent the particular needs, tastes and budget of the client.

The work of a Building Designer varies and may consist of residential (both single and multi-unit) and commercial projects as permitted by the architectural statutes of each state. Here in Pennsylvania, I am fully and legally permitted to design residential projects on any scale however, the state regulations on commercial projects limit me to small office and retail spaces. While I have worked on a number of projects, including churches, medical facilities and other larger assignments, an Architect must be involved in the process to assure the designs meet the strict accessibility and emergency codes that would apply.

A Building Designer's approach to a design problem focuses on practical, functional and economical solutions that will best meet the client's needs, while translating these factors into a concept that is both aesthetic and functional.

A Building Designer offers a complete array of professional services. The Building Designer's primary task is to furnish preliminary and detailed designs for the proposed structure, ranging from the initial concept to complete working drawings and specifications that will comply with all applicable building codes and regulations.

At Selah Design Services, my hope and goal is to listen, hear, and respond to my client's needs and desires in their design project. Whether that project is a new home, a basement remodel, or a dog house, my goal is to create a design project that will reflect and respond to the client's needs.

Building and designing a new home, addition, or remodeling often times brings on a great financial and emotional burden to a family. Often times, the most some people will face in a lifetime. Few families foresee how complex the process can be until they find themselves in over their head in a muddle of restrictive building codes, zoning ordinances, design options and choices. Yet, many states don’t have licensing requirements for residential building designers. If a new home, addition, or remodel is in your future, a specialist in residential design is your best choice to walk with you through the design/building process.

Selah Design Services will provide you with the direction, design ideas, and sound advice for meeting your needs and achieving your goals while meeting nationwide design standards and requirements for the building design profession and construction trades.

SDS is striving to rise to the challenge of the future by researching and studying about new and improved building materials, practices, and technologies that will impact how we live.

Please read Why Should I Use Selah Design Services? to answer some questions you may have about the uniqueness of what I can offer.

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Take the time to consider your needs on your next building project. Whether it is a new home, an addition, a shed, or interior remodeling, I can offer complete services that will save you time, headaches, errors, and in the short & long run...save you money.

I look forward to working with you on your next project!

(From: The American Institute of Building Design)


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