Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cabana & Pool Area Design

I am working on a design proposal for a client's home in Virginia. The only change to the house we are making is replacing a window in the lower level with a 6' french patio door.

Our new proposal includes the addition of a cabana, patio, pool, and landscaping.

This is the existing house, viewing from the rear right.

Notice the leaf that happened to fall just as I snapped this picture...I have impeccable timing.

The proposed patio area includes a 20' x 40' pool, two radial seating areas and a retaining wall.

The pool house includes a serving bar, storage room, and a bathroom.

This computer generated image shows the design proposal as a similar view from the same side as the original photo.

This computer generated image shows the design proposal as though you came down the steps from the deck, or just came from inside the house through the new french doors.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Entry and Landscaping Design

I am currently working with a client on the redesign of an entry way, including removal of the existing porch and installing a new walkway from the driveway to the front door.

We are also renovating some interior spaces including the kitchen. I hope to share some of those designs with you later.

Here is the existing entry and walk.

Below is a design proposal showing the new walk from the driveway to the front porch. These are computer generated renderings from a 3D model I have created.

We are adding a circular walk with flagstone capping. An 18" seat wall along the South East side of the walk. We will also be installing a new front door with lots of glass to let more natural light into the foyer area.

I will share more as I am able.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Custom Home Design

This post shows another custom home design project.

This particular home is now built in the Baltimore area.

Here is the design model.

3D computer generated rendering viewing the rear of the house, showing the pool and patio area.

This is the actual house (finished months after design) viewing from roughly the same perspective.

It seems, the homeowners did some other landscaping, and selected some more patio furniture. But, overall - this turned out really quite well.

The front elevation

Interior - the "Family Room"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Custom Deck Design Project

Here is a recent deck project. It's a simple deck.

The client had many ideas, including a covered screen porch, but decided to go with the simple deck.

This image shows the back of the house, before the deck. They had some of the grading cleared away already.

Once I have the dimensions of the existing property and all their ideas of what they would like to do, I go back to "the drawing board" and come up with some ideas.

Here are a few proposed design ideas:

One idea - they wanted an open deck with a bench seat.

They also thought they might like to have a roof over their new deck.

And, of course, a screened in deck.

After much consideration, the client decided to do a simple open air deck with a basic railing.
These computer renderings show how the deck could look once it is completed.

This is the finished deck as it is now.

This is one of the many ways using 3-D modeling and rendering can help in design. I can show you what your project could look like when it is finished.

This is a simple deck, but the clients are quite happy with the design and they knew what they were getting before anyone even started digging.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why Should I Use Selah Design Services?

Below are some samples of exterior renderings I have done for some custom residential projects.

A custom home built in Allentown, PA

A custom home built near Baltimore, MD

An outdoor living area designed for a client in VA.

Why do we use 3D Modeling?

With a 3D model we can:

  • Show a client or lender a finished product view of the project before ground has even been broken!
  • Images can be used to email clients, used for websites, or printed off for fact sheets.
  • No special programs, hardware or downloads are needed to view images sent to you in a .JPEG format.
  • view in a client-viewer may be downloaded from the web to view your project model in 3D from your own computer.
  • Renderings can be made in any size - from a single room to a muti-unit developmet up to 30 floors.
  • Show clients or buyers different materials or upgrades in an architecturally correct model of their project.
  • Renderings can be used in almost any medium at any time, all models are saved for future use and client shares the rights to the images.
Using the latest technology in 3-D computerized drawings, I am able to help you design a home, addition, or office space that meets and often exceeds your expectations. Through the 3D capabilities of the 3D modeling, we are able to "see" the finished project before it's even started.

I use some of the most current, up to date 3~D building design software. With the combination of drafting, rendering , and pdf generating software, you are able to see your entire house, addition, or office in a virtual 3D model. This model includes your floor materials, paints, cabinets, fixtures, and even furniture & accessories. If you are designing your dream home, or need design ideas for renovating your existing home, I can do it all.

This time-saving possibilities of 3D modeling and design greatly reduces the need to compare paint swatches, color samples, shutter rings, and all that. Rather, we can virtually switch materials and change colors with the click of a button. You don't have to wonder anymore what your house could look like from a 2-D elevation and floor plan. You will have a very clear vision before you even get your building permit.

3-D modeling also give us the uncanny ability us to catch potential design flaws on paper before the blueprint reaches the final building stage. Which saves a lot of time in the field once construction has begun. No tearing apart walls or moving doors or windows after they're framed and installed.

If you are a builder/contractor or a homeowner in need of professionally designed and articulated blueprints, I can help you. If you want that extra boost to realize your design, I think I can provide what you are looking for!

To learn more about what we can offer, check out our services.


Construction Documents vs. Design Documents

Design Documents:
A Design Document helps to show, in concept, what your design project can look like when it is finished.
Design Documents include:
  • Floor Plans
  • Full color interior views.
  • Landscaped exterior views.
Design Documents DO NOT include
  • Applicable information for building permits or construction
  • Mechanical schematic plans and or placement
  • Structural analysis and details
Design Documents are not buildable plans.

Construction Documents:
Complete Construction Documents include all the required documents for permit review and construction.
Construction Documents include:
  • Site Plan
  • Building Floor Plans
  • Building Elevations
  • Foundation Plan
  • Building Sections and Details
  • Structural Analysis
  • Required Mechanical Schematic Concepts (as per state code)
Additional information may be required to complete the project.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Screen Porch Addition.

I am currently working on the design and construction drawings (working drawings) of a screen porch addition for a client's project in Haymarket, VA.

I created the virtual model of the porch for a conceptual design presentation.

I processed renderings for the current design proposal. I thought they turned out really nice - so I just wanted to share.

(click on the images to view in full screen)

Existing house - View from the rear left.

Design Proposal - View from the rear left.
Rendering generated from my computer model.


Existing house - View from the rear right.

Design Proposal - View from the rear right.
Rendering generated from my computer model.

What do you think? I hope to have pictures of the finished project soon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Country Style Home Plan Design

This country style 2 story home features over 3400 square feet of finished interior living space. Within this space we feature a large kitchen with lots of counter space, breakfast nook, formal dining room with a coffered ceiling, a 2 story great room, 5 bedrooms*, 3 1/2 baths, large utility area, and a large side entry 2 car garage.

(click on the images to view in full screen)

First Floor - 2,549 Square Feet of finished living space

Second Floor - 930 Square Feet of finished living space

*First floor option available for 4 bedrooms and a study.