Friday, December 5, 2008

How To Get Started on your Design

Getting started is quite simple. If you have come here, you more than likely already have an idea of what you would like to accomplish. Our first thing we need to determine is if you want to proceed with complete Construction Documents, or if you are in need of Design Documents, or both. See the documents page for the differences between Construction Documents and Design Documents.

Once you have determined which set we need, the design process begins.
  • Full Construction Document sets and Design Document sets are estimated on a per
    project basis. The estimate is based on square footage of the necessary areas within the project.
  • Estimates are free and can often be provided over the phone in a few minutes.
  • Miscellaneous hourly rates are $35
  • For more detailed pricing and rates, please see my custom rates page (coming soon)
For a free design worksheet please email:
Or Direct contact:
Selah Design Services
307 Cumberland Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
There are essentially two phases in the design process:

The Preliminary Design Process: (Creating Design Documents):
  • Design of the Floor plans
  • Preliminary 3-D Rendering
We will work through a preliminary design of your floor plan ideas and needs. From this design we will develop an exterior model, showing some materials, roofs, and exterior conditions. Once we have a design that is approved by both the designers and the client, the final layout process begins. Design Documents are not buildable plans.

The Final Layout Process:
(Creating Construction Documents):
  • All Floor Plans (after revisions)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Elevations
  • Foundation Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Sections and Details
  • Structural Analysis
  • Required Mechanical Schematic Plans (MEP)
  • Window & Door Schedules
  • PDF Booklet of Prints
Engineering Services
Fees for engineering vary based on the project. Engineering will be needed for some projects and townships for code compliance. Engineering can be provided through Selah Design Services or the client may choose to have the final print sent to the engineer of their choice.


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