Thursday, February 16, 2012

Honor in the Workplace

It's been quite a while since I have posted anything....

And this post isn't about design at all - but it IS about work.

Honor the following 7 timeless & Biblical principles and you will find success - no matter what your position.

1. Whatever your hand finds to do, DO WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT

2. HONOR all authorities over you with respect & never talk behind their back

3. Show up earlier & leave later than expected.

4. Resist PRIDE & Remain Teachable

5. INTEGRITY! Let your word be your bond, even at your own cost if & when required

6. NEVER STEAL! Including time... wait for lunch hour & breaks to answer all texts, facebook, and return your personal phone calls.

7. Keep a GREAT ATTITUDE while at work. Start your day THANKFUL TO GOD for providing you with a job in the 1st place, before you ever leave your front door.

--Just some "food for thought".


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